Emma Selby

 Graduate, journalist, serial entrepreneur Family 3 kids 2 cats and me

Why Signal: I want to give small business owners a chance to make a real impact locally and change the shared identity of Bordon to one of initiative, enterprise and innovation.

Loves: People who try to make a difference

Hates: Apathy

Best at: New ideas, getting things off the ground

Worst at: Detail

Time to relax: Play the piano, go for a swim, have a sauna

Louise Eldridge

Background: Born in England and raised in South Africa.  Many years of experience organising events and streamlining back-office systems and processes.

Family: Husband, two children and Sassy our cat.

Why Signal: Being part of a community is very important to me and working at Signal is a really exciting place to be.  Come and find out for yourself.

Loves: People, new ideas and baking.

Hates: Poor customer service.

Best at: Listening, connecting people, customer satisfaction, organising events.

Worst at: Mental arithmetic.

Time to relax: Swimming and a game of tennis.

Ursula Errington

Background: Sky News Correspondent and presenter turned PR and Communications advisor.

Family: Husband is Andy and two rather beautiful boys, Archer and Thomas.

Why SiGNAL: SiGNAL is more than a building with meeting rooms and a free co-working space. It is an enabling movement. The team there want every small business to succeed and know that it takes practical help, friendly guidance and hardcore skills to make it as a business owner. Running an SME is not a job for the faint-hearted and the SiGNAL team ‘get’ that small business owners are the unsung heroes of our economy. The business owners who come through the doors are completely on-board with supporting each other and working as a community to help everyone’s businesses to thrive. It is completely remarkable. That is something that is worth striving for.

Loves: Food, family and a job well done.

Hates: Rudeness, bigotry and the word “flan”

Best at:  Nothing yet, but I’m working on it.

Worst at: Cooking, relaxing and not worrying about people

Time to relax: Yes please!

Gareth Turner

Background: Farnham born and bred, with a history of working my way up through a company, always looking for the next adventure

Family: Working On It!

Why SiGNAL: There are often few opportunities in life for someone to be part of something great. SiGNAL is one of those opportunities.

Loves: Travelling, meeting new people, Socialising with friends

Hates: Early Mornings and coming back from holiday

Best at: Coming up with new ideas, identifying new revenue streams

Worst at: Deciding what to put here!

Time to relax: Watching movies in bed

Claire Carter

Background Local girl, I grew up in Farnham and moved out to Bordon with my husband in 2001

Family Married, no children, one cat.

Why Signal: I love that when you walk into SiGNAL you always feel welcome and immediately feel the positive vibes! It’s a fantastic opportunity to be part of something great.

Loves: Spending time with family

Hates: Self-pity and negativity

Best at: Finding a silver lining

Worst at:  Making decisions!

Time to relax: A good film and a glass of Prosecco!

Jane Woodyer

Background: Spent years flying around the world on photo shoots before finding job satisfaction copywriting in the virtual world.

Family: One husband, three children, one dog and a rabbit

Why SiGNAL: I’ve been part of Emma’s vision to build a vibrant small business community right from the start. It’s great to be involved. SiGNAL is where I – as a small business owner – want to be.

Loves: Having time to think

Hates: Typos, poor grammar and sloppiness

Best at: Questioning the why, what and how

Worst at: Delegating

Time to relax: Good book + glass of something = me time

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