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About SiGNAL?

At SiGNAL we provide contemporary workspaces for Bordon’s creatives and entrepreneurs. All our communal spaces downstairs are free to use, and a mix of traditional and alternative meeting spaces can be hired by the day. Users of the free space are invited to contribute to our growing business community by sharing their knowledge and participating in events and membership groups. We are partnered with Seats2Meet, a global network of over 200 coworking spaces sharing our core values of generosity, openness and innovation.


SiGNAL has been established on behalf of the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company to support the regeneration of the Whitehill and Bordon area of Hampshire. We believe that a healthy local economy is the key to the successful regeneration of this area. We believe that the local economy is supported by and in fact relies on an active and expanding small business sector. SiGNAL supports the brave people that start up and run these small businesses locally with free space and a community of like minded inspirational people.

We designed our shared workspace at SiGNAL to offer refuge, inspiration and training to small business owners knowing that this approach will generate chance encounters, new opportunities, shared ideas, collaborations and long lasting business relationships that will support the new town centre infrastructure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure that every business owner in Bordon and surrounding area has a space where they feel comfortable and can be productive. A space that help them feel secure, supported, well connected and able to grow.


Why Free?

At SiGNAL we welcome everyone into our free workspace area with open arms and we charge nothing. We even include free tea, coffee, toast cereal and fruit. Why do we offer so much for free?

By offering something for free that people find valuable we generate a different kind of capital – perhaps more valuable than money.  Social capital. We would rather create fans than customers. Fans are more likely to invest in our business in the long term. Of course we need to generate revenues but by focusing on generating fans rather than generating cash we create social capital. We believe that social capital will always convert into cash in the end as fans will choose to spend their money with us rather than a competitor. This philosophy is one I learned from our Dutch partners Seats 2 Meet and if you are interested you can read more about the economic case for this ‘freemium’ business model here.

We believe in…


…therefore we have created a friendly environment where you can rely on your fellow coworkers and make meaningful connections. People you know and trust will bring you more business than any networking pitch.


Therefore we…help you achieve your financial goals for your business. A business can be a prison or it can set you free!


…therefore we pay it forwards, give our time and our space generously, share what we know and give what we can. We believe that giving in this way creates valuable social capital.


…therefore we are transparent about our business model, our goals and how we believe we can support your business. We are also always open to feedback and to grow with our coworkers.


…therefore we have created a makerspace for you to experiment and collaborate with your coworkers.


…therefore we offer a space where you can create and co-create.

Be part of Bordon's growing local business community by joining us at SiGNAL

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