Many of us choose to run our own businesses because we don’t want to answer to a boss. We want the freedom to shape our own future, make decisions in our best interests, and succeed on our own terms. But having no one to answer to apart from ourselves, creates its own problems.

Who’s going to prioritise those important jobs or difficult decisions that you’ve been procrastinating about? No one, unless you have a business partner who’s on your case.

The result of having no accountability in your business is that things don’t get done. In some cases this might mean that ultimately your business fails, or it just doesn’t see the growth or fulfil the potential that it has.

If you want to get serious about your business, then you need to build some accountability into it. You need someone who’s going to pull you up when you haven’t done x, y or z and want to know what you’re going to do about it. You need an accountability partner.

Who can be your accountability partner?

One issue that small business owners have, especially if you’re a sole trader or have a micro business, is knowing what things we need to prioritise to achieve your business goals. Many of us are very good at doing specific activities within the business – for example you may be a social media expert or fantastic at networking – and we tend to focus on those activities more than others. They may deliver some results and that validates our decision to spend time on them; but often to the detriment of other areas of the business.

There may be things that you could be doing that can enhance those results further, but because they’re not our preferred skill set we do everything possible to avoid them. Yes, social media may be delivering results, but following up leads on the phone could be a better use of your time and generate more revenue than posting gifs on Facebook!

So you need an accountability partner who will not only check that you’ve ticked off things on your ‘to do’ list, but also someone who will question the things that are on that list to start with.

For that reason your accountability partner needs to have experience running a business, and a good understanding of how different business activities impact the bottom line. Business coaches and mentors are a logical choice, they’ll get an understanding of your business, market and goals, provide you with advice and monitor your progress.

Alternatively, you could join a mastermind group where your accountability partner is not only the individual leading the mastermind sessions, but all the other attendees as well. You’ll need to find a group aimed at business owners that are at a similar stage in their business journey to you, and with similar goals, for it to be beneficial.

Both these options can be expensive for someone just starting up their business, but there are other alternatives. You could set up your own mastermind with other people in the same position to you or join a group like the Bordon Hub which is an affordable membership group aimed at start up business owners, sole traders, freelancers and people working from home.

Make the Bordon Hub your accountability partner!

We’re about to launch an exciting new programme at the Bordon Hub. We’re calling it ‘Your Business Growth Plan’ and it’s a programme of monthly accountability sessions that take micro businesses through key steps to achieve growth. Delivered by our network of VIPs and subject matter experts, at the end of each session attendees will set out what they intend to do between that session and next, and report back the following month.

In between we will run a variety of Hub sessions that will help consolidate learning and new skills, and provide inspiration and further insights that will help you to stop procrastinating and get on with it! We’ll also be checking in with members to see how they’re getting on with the goals they’ve set for that month, and help them with additional resources when necessary.

The beauty of the Hub programme is that you don’t have to be a member from the start. Unlike a mastermind group that starts on set date, you can join the Hub and get started on that month’s content straightaway.

We’re also introducing a ‘Growth Goals’ planner for existing Hub members and new members to learn more about what you want to achieve, and how we can help you do it. Our focus is on delivering results for our members by helping you to achieve what you want (whatever that might be), and to do that we’re offering to be your accountability partner. If you want us to be!

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