Last week we welcomed the RH Damian Hinds – MP for East Hampshire and Education Secretary – to SiGNAL for a tour of our facilities and to meet business people from the Bordon area. SiGNAL’s director Emma Selby spoke to Damian about the vision for SiGNAL and how it fits into the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration project, and introduced him to many of our visitors and users of the space.

It is always fascinating to hear what other people think about what you’re doing. Whether that’s a business venture, social enterprise or a specific project. So we were very interested to hear what Damian thought of SiGNAL and what we’re trying to create in Bordon.

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to find out! As we invited Damian Hinds to speak to attendees about his visit and thoughts on regeneration and local business in the area. Watch the video if you missed Damian’s visit and then scroll down for my key takeaways

Here are my key takeaways from Damian Hinds’ visit to SiGNAL:

The importance of ‘togetherness’

Damian spoke about relationships and how small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs need to know that whatever you come across, challenges and barriers, someone has been over that hurdle before. He clearly understands how a facility like SiGNAL can create the right environment to build relationships and support, and used the term ‘togetherness’ to describe how important it is to have mutual support and encouragement.

Innovative and inspiring

Damian also spoke about how we’re delivering that business support and community in an innovative and “attractive’ way. We obviously stand out from what he described as “sterile feeling business incubation units” and we were delighted that he picked up on the ambiance and creativity of the space.

Whitehill & Bordon is on an exciting journey

As we know from all the developments that are happening in the area, and the feedback we get from residents, business people and newcomers, Whitehill & Bordon is on a really exciting journey. Damian spoke about how only a few years ago many local people didn’t really believe that regeneration on the scale promised would happen, now everyone is benefiting from the pace of progress and those plans coming to fruition.

Infrastructure for jobs and opportunity

Finally, Damian Hinds also spoke about the importance of creating the infrastructure for jobs and to provide the opportunities residents need to grow the local economy. SiGNAL’s vision is to provide entrepreneurs, sole traders and small business owners with the support and facilities they need to achieve that.

We rounded off the evening with our Small Biz Supper – fish and chips from Frankie’s on Chalet Hill, Bordon. Attendees also had the opportunity to talk to Damian Hinds and network with each other. It was a great evening and a fantastic opportunity to showcase what we’re doing almost 6 months since our launch in April.

If you haven’t explored our coworking space, meeting rooms and bespoke workspaces yet, come and have a tour! We’re open Monday to Friday, 9-5, either pop in or call 01420 556335 to arrange a tour.