At the end of next month (29th October to 3rd November) we are taking over a shop in Petersfield and creating a pop up shop for one week! We’ve chosen Petersfield because we know we’ll get a great footfall, especially as many people are starting to think about Christmas presents at this time of year.

Many of the makers and micro retailers we’ve met through SiGNAL and the Bordon Hub have booked a pop-up stand for this exciting event, but there are stands available if you would like to take one. Details are below, but first here are 10 reasons why we think you should book a stand quickly!

Pop-up shop in Petersfield – reasons to book a stand!

  1. Raise awareness of your products in time for Christmas

The end of October / beginning of November really marks the time when people begin to start shopping for Christmas. Naturally we hope that all our pop-up shop retailers sell lots during this week, but it’s also a chance to raise awareness and make future sales too.

  1. Petersfield is full of potential customers

Petersfield boosts a bustling high street with a great demographic of potential customers to sell your products to. With lots of good shops already attracting people to the town, our pop-up shop will be able to capture this readymade customer base and offer them something different.

  1. You don’t need to be there!

Our pop-up shop is fully staffed so you can set up and let us manage your sales. Of course, we would love you to visit and be involved, but if you’re juggling family or job commitments you can still be part of this great initiative.

  1. Discover if a retail outlet is right for you

A pop-up shop is a great opportunity to test a new revenue stream and discover whether a retail outlet is a good fit with your business. If you currently sell online or only at fairs, you can test whether regularly supplying another shop (or even setting up your own) is the right thing to do.

  1. Clear out old stock

If you have items that are taking up room in your house or workshop, have a clear out and make some money! Because a pop-up shop is only temporary it creates a sense of urgency with customers and so you may find that things that have been hard to shift fly out the door!

  1. Create a buzz around your brand

Pop-up shops are quirky and immediately attract a bit of a buzz around them. Being part of this helps you create a buzz around your brand. Use social media and word of mouth to let people know that you’re going to be there, and they’ll tell their friends and family too.

  1. Cost effective

We’re charging £67 (+VAT) per day, which makes it an affordable way to sell your products and attract new customers when compared to other outlets. As mentioned before, you don’t need to look after your stand either so you can use that time to work on your business in other ways.

  1. Benefit from combined marketing

We’ll be marketing our pop-up shop heavily in the weeks before and during the event and that will help you reach a wider customer base. Other makers will also be busy promoting the event and driving people to the pop-up shop. Customers may turn up to buy from another maker, but they could also buy from you!

  1. Build your business long term

If you’re planning to attend another event later in the year or have an online shop, use our pop-up shop as a shop window for future sales. Make sure you let customers know where, when and how to find you by leaving marketing material on your stand.

  1. Late night shopping

We’re also hosting a late night shopping evening on Thursday 1st November to ensure people who can’t visit the shop during the day can still come and enjoy a great shopping experience. A complimentary glass of Prosecco will also be part of the experience – so come along!

How to book a stand at our pop-up event

Here are the details:

  • The pop-up shop is open from Monday 29th October to Saturday 3rd November.
  • Stands are charged at £67 (+VAT) per day.
  • The pop-up shop will be fully staffed and daily stock take will be conducted.
  • Payment system provided for easy sales.
  • Thursday Late Night Shopping with Prosecco!
  • Extensive marketing and promotion to support the event.

For more details and to book a stand contact me, Ursula, on 07584 037499 or email ursula@hardtruthmedia.com