Coworking spaces are springing up around the country, including our own free workspace here in Bordon, Hampshire. But who uses them and are they suitable for you? Here we share a cross section of our regular coworkers.

Coworking for sole traders

Many sole traders start their businesses from home, either working from a home office or the dining room table. It can be uninspiring and isolating staring at our own four walls day-in-day-out, which is why many of our coworkers choice to visit. A few hours in a coworking space can really concentrate the mind and provide a motivator for the rest of the week. So too can a bit of interaction with other small business owners: coworking is actually short for “collaborative working”.

Coworking for SMEs

Coworking spaces are not just for home workers, they can be a good alternative working in a regular office. Sometimes you need to escape your office to actually get some work done! Recovering from interruptions at work, such as a “quick” enquiry from a colleague, can cost you up to two hours per day as you try to get back on track. So if you’ve got to get on top of your emails, write a proposal, or do some invoicing, a coworking space away from the office could be the solution.

Coworking for flexible and remote workers

Many of us are fortunate that our employers are open to a bit of flexible working and allow us to work from home remotely on a regular basis. But lounging on the sofa with your laptop is not always the most productive way to work. While this might be OK for some of the day, a change of environment for a few hours could be an effective way to get more done. Add in back office support such as printing, photocopying etc., and you really do have a local office on your doorstep.

Coworking for mobile businesses

If your business involves spending much of your day travelling from client-to-client it’s not always possible to get back to base in between appointments. Our coworking space is increasingly being used by people who have an hour or two to spare between meetings, and don’t want to sit in Starbucks! We also offer meeting room hire in Bordon, including our bespoke therapy rooms for mobile therapists and wellness practitioners. Hiring a workspace can be a great alternative to visiting clients in their own home.

Coworking is great for your business!

Finally, while coworking provides you with a desk to work at, it is also an opportunity to network and build your business. Remember that coworking is an abbreviation of collaborative working, you never know who you’ll meet in a coworking space and how they may help you grow your business.

It’s free to come coworking in Bordon! Our coworking space is open Monday to Friday, 9-5 at SiGNAL. Just turn up, sign in and pick a desk. More details here.