When asked about your business what do you say? Do you go for the “what” approach, explaining what your product or service is; the benefits, the stats, and how your offering works. Or do you take the “why” approach selling your business through your unique story of why you are here.

The thing is that most of us aren’t all that interested in what your product or service does on first point of contact. Save this until you’re actively asked for details. This is true in all kinds of scenarios. For example when someone visits your website, you meet another business owner at a networking event or a potential customer walks through the door of your premises.

We all want to hear a good story. We want reasons to engage with a business and the people behind it, we want to make a connection. But why? If someone asks you “what do you do?” surely they don’t want a story about the inspiration behind your business? Well, I think they do. Not necessarily the whole story, but enough for them to want to know more.

If you haven’t got time to read the rest of this article you may be interested in attending an event we’re hosting at the Bordon Hub. Successful Visual Storytelling: How to Connect with Clients in Subtle Ways that Sell is with photographer Kerry Harrison and she will be exploring how small businesses can connect with customers using images. For more details click here.

Storytelling For Business Owners

Many of us sell products or services that are a solution to a particular problem. Here at SiGNAL we provide unique meeting room hire, free coworking, business training and support, designed to solve specific issues small business owners have.

Essentially, my story is that I have run a number of small businesses, some successful and some less so, but all could have benefited from the services we provide at the Hub. Secondly, I am passionate about my local community; being an active member of it, getting involved with local causes, making it a better place to live and do business in, so my story points to the launch of SiGNAL earlier this year, and everything we have done since then.

From the offset this story (the reason why I’m here) has driven the business. I have got tremendous support from others because they have “bought into” my story; whether they have shared similar experiences, are motivated by the same goals or are inspired by the SiGNAL and Bordon Hub concept and want to be part of it.

When explaining how SiGNAL can help I can retell my story for the benefit of business owners who find they need our services, even when they don’t know they do! By explaining what makes me tick and why I’m passionate about what we are delivering, they can clearly see the benefits of our services and that we provide a solution to the problems they face.

Telling Your Story Humanises You

Whatever stage your business is at and whether you are looking for investment, suppliers, retail outlets, staff or customers, people want to know about you. A business can’t be trustworthy, reliable, creative, flexible, innovative (pick your adjective), only the people in it. And to demonstrate these qualities you have to do more than make grandiose claims, you need to be able to back these up.

Your story can do this.

So what’s your story? Does your website, marketing and other communications tell your story and engage those people you would like to do business with? If not, perhaps it’s time to clarify in your own mind what your story is and how to change the way you talk about yourself, your team, or your product in ways that people can really relate to.

There are many ways you can tell you story, from changing your ‘elevator pitch’ when networking to rewriting your ‘about us’ page on your website. If you attend Kerry Harrison’s talk next month on visual storytelling, you’ll also be able to use her insights to tell your story in a visual way too. Click here to book.