If you’re a maker or a creative entrepreneur the space you work from is very important. Not only does it need to provide you with enough room and the right kind of set up to work, but it also needs to be inspiring and somewhere that promotes creativity. A bland corporate style office is therefore probably not the right workspace for you, and equally working from home might not provide you with the right environment either.

That’s why more and more makers and creative are turning to coworking spaces, either using them everyday or on a weekly or monthly basis to provide them with somewhere different to work. Here at SiGNAL our free coworking space in Bordon, Hampshire we find that 70% of our coworkers are makers or creatives, looking for an inspiring and dynamic space to work. Below are the main reasons they say coworking is great for their type of businesses:

3 reasons makers and creatives love cowering spaces…

Not everyone has a creative space to work

While you might expect that people who have creative businesses will have really amazing workspaces, that’s not always the case. Many are working from home, limited by the interior space of our typical housing stock. If you’re working from a desk in the bedroom or the dining room table, however creatively your house is decorated you’re still working from a domestic space.

On the other hand, some makers and creatives are hiring space in offices. They might be sharing with a variety of different businesses in an environment that has been designed to be as neutral (aka bland) as possible. That’s not a criticism of the serviced office model, just an observation that this style of space is not always aligned with creative businesses.

Generally, coworking spaces like SiGNAL in Bordon offers a different style of working with more flexible ways to work and a less corporate feel. While this style appeals to entrepreneurs and business owners from all sorts of different industries, for makers and creatives it is an important factor in promoting creativity.

Contact with other people is important

For many people a combination of different work environments has a positive impact on their work. Sometimes solitude is important, being able to shut out the world to focus on a project and avoid any distractions. But on the other hand contact with other people is also important, whether they are also makers and creatives or perhaps do very different things.

Contact with other people can help generate ideas, solve problems and provide insights that can shape your work, factors that you might miss completely if you always work in your own bubble. Contact with other people also generates energy and helps to motivate you, which can be really useful if you’ve got a creative block or are procrastinating!

For this reason many people schedule coworking days into their weekly or monthly work timetable so that they get regular face-to-face contact with other people.

Business support

Running a successful creative business or ensuring that what you make is commercially viable is not something they teach in schools (unless you take business studies). Even universities and colleges that teach design or crafts don’t always provide the foundations makers and creatives need to be successful in their businesses.

Instead it can feel like you’re expected to know what a cashflow forecast is, or how to scale up your business, or how to work with retailers who you hope will sell your products. If you don’t know, you might feel embarrassed to ask.

Most coworking spaces have an ethos of collaboration and provide a supportive environment where entrepreneurs can learn how to run and grow their businesses. That support and education can come from conversations with other coworkers or from talks and workshops designed specifically for people like you.

Here at SiGNAL we’re developing a programme of sessions for makers and creatives to help them access the knowledge and support they need to be successful in a commercial market. Our approach is to tailor our services to our different clientele, providing the right spaces (such as our Makers Room) and the right business support for people who want to give themselves the best chance of growing their creative businesses.

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